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Ask & Relax, is an internet marketing company in India, which brings excellent PPC internet advertising service where promoters are only have to pay when a user actually clicks on their advertisement, & therefore, it is named “pay-per-click”. Pay per click is a kind of advertising form in which marketers’ advertisements are shown to users of search engines such as Google display ads. The internet users enter their search terms into the search engine. Text-based ads are often displayed to users of search engines before showing the results of their query, and at any time a customer clicks on one of these Google ads, the advertising party is charged.

PPC ads are generally sold in an online sale. For every click on the advertisement you have to make payment as per your wish. When your amount is the highest, you have the opportunity to rank number one in the funded results. The quality result is something, which can also your ranking a lot.

PPC can also prove to be a good deal. Every now and then, you can find keyword ‘slots’ for which the top offer is around $.10 – in that situation, PPC is certainly a grand alternative.

Get a successful traffic to your website with the best PPC Agency in India.

Being the best PPC agency in India ,we drive traffic to your website getting you the top placements and prospective clients without delay. Our advertisement campaign triggers visitors to hit your website within moments your account is created. With every click your amount is the highest and you get a ranking in google.

  • Effective selection of keywords for promotion.

  • Appealing design and optimal ad placement.

  • Constant campaign analysis and strategy optimization.

  • Sufficient budget and aggressive bidding.

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When you think about Google Adword Management- PPC Management Agency in India, the most entrusted name that you come across is Ask and Relax.Growing at a rapid pace, we are the experts when it comes to execution of newbies into the top service providers. The key to gain sales lead is unboubtedly PPC Management, but companies bleed badly if this is wrongly executed. So, you must be wondering how we differ from companies that come interweaved with risk and competant cost.

We create a difference in your campaign with our analysis before jumping onto the table. As the leading PPC Management Agency in India, we work on the average cost CPC on Google Adwords with a minute study on the hike each year. Our well trained and experienced experts optimize the success of our campaign for respective brands. We understand your budgetary concerns and give you results in PPC Management as a responsible agency at work.


Search Advertising

This is the most crucial ads where we use Paid search, SEM and PPC etc. For existing market in India or abroad to generate sales/ lead, search advertising is the best way to target your audience. As best search marketing agency in India , we make sure to invest your money in right keywords that will capture the competitive edge and make you look different as a brand with low clost per click.

Display Advertising

In the form of deep research display advertisement gives marketers immense power. Building an image of aAgency with the display of its product across various sites, this feature helps create attractive and appealing formats like Images, Flash, Video etc. With direct response and branding strategy, it is effective with an economical budget.

Social Media Advertising

If you want higher reach and engagement and low CPC than search, Social Advertising is the major tool. Various social platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedIn,pinterest etc there is leverage out to meet the competitive edge of other companies in India and abroad.


This is a small advertising tactic to display ads to users who have visited your website earlier.Re-targeting through our marketing strategies on various social media platforms helps you increase the conversion rates on your website along with a rapid following to your potential customer till they become your customer.

Mobile Advertising

With exponential growth in India, many companies has increased mobile advertising through smart phone penetration.You definitely would miss a lot, if you are not advertising on your mobile. Our strategy will help you fetch potential customer from India and abroad, through mobile apps and responsive website.

Google Shopping Ads

Through this ad we create campaigns and sell your products online to your target customer. We even handle product listing ads (PLA), with an advantage of competing with your competitor with display of product images, size and offers in search engine.

Youtube Advertising

We generate sales or lead through Youtube with an increase in brand recognition and targeting relevant users. Our strategy follows two ways – Video Ads and Banner Ads , with a click on “+Campaign “ and “Video” . Through our video campaign we link your Youtube channel to Adwords to give additional data on the information of the campaigns.


Our PPC Management strategy includes:

  • Strategic recommendation of keywords: With use of professional tools, our PPC experts provide an extensive keyword analysis giving you a large number of enquires.

  • Bidding Management: Our PPC Management team fetches great ROI, bidding effectively on keywords that are most targeted and least competitive.

  • PPC Copywriting: With great piece of title and description, it is easy to get clicks on the effective keywords. The writings need to be catchy and unquie.

  • ROI RATE REPORT: All our campaigns are regularly documented and monitored closely and tweaked according to trends in the report.

We reseach on negative and postive keywords with a core competitive analysis.As leading PPC Management Agency in India we strategize and structure our campaign with advanced optimization process to improve ROI of your business.

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Ask and Relax the leading PPC Management Agency in India helps your business to transform widely creating new marketing opportuntities online.

We take a look at your range and decide interms of price, and how competitive you are interms of customer service and delivery. With a deep research we identify the ads and focus of which offer your competitor targets. We ensure to give you the best edge in market to grab the attention of your audience. The click through ratio(CTR) is better with more relevant keywords and ads in each AdGroup.

We help you fetch rewards from Google, by reducing the amount you pay per click and increase your ad ranking on page. Our PPC management strategy ensures that each of your products has a separate page with a clear “Buy Button” and description consisting of relevant keywords.

We allow you to have text ads that would increase your CTR and monitor the pattern on which the ads are being clicked. We use Google Analytics or Yahoo Web Analytics to review the SEO and PPC keywords , paying attention to the bounce rates. As best PPC Management agency in India, we get you business at least possible cost. We are a fully creative agency in India who takes the responsibility to provide you with the best results. Till you don’t find an optimized landing page, our PPC Management services don’t reflect the outcomes.

We value our client and believe in maintaining a long term relationship. The PPC Management Services that we offer is pillared valuing the time and money aspect of our client. As best PPC Mangement Agency in India we work on methodology that id weighed on your needs and suitable budget.

Are you looking in for a PPC Management Agency in India, then Ask and Relax.

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